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6. Blue- Patton. 24 May 2018 A Virgil Affliction Chapter 14: Okay “Word Count: 2570 Rating: T Warnings: Fanfic writer l she/her | I go by Ellie | You are enough! l Warnings: Accidents, car accident, hospitals, injury, anxiety, medication His hand swiped through the air before falling limply to his side, a sigh of @sanders-trash-4ever 11 Jul 2018 Virgil Sanders hurt/comfort cause that's all I have inspiration for. This is where I'm going to write one shots on Virgil getting abused by the different sides. Jan 19, 2019 - Someone said this to me and I was like: “Oh I’m sorry. There will be the new orange side (not Roman). virgil sanders roman sanders thomas exhausted all the fanfiction in the @incorrect-sanders-sides @scpconfessions @incorrect-sides TheMasked Zombie - Dead on the inside and filled with exsitential Fear - A depresso Expresso with extra anxiety and a shot of angst Ongoing series of mine Pokémon Sanders and Sides: The Omni Region Heroes and The Lost Kid Little Virgil Perfect Party Fics that are finished but I kinda wanna write sequels or follow ups Supernatural Intrusive Thoughts!Virgil kind of scares him from a morality perspective. But, nobody really realized how cat-like Virgil really is. He's acting Losing Control - Sanders Sides. ericthometer. See more ideas about Sander sides, Thomas sanders and Thomas and friends. The sides go to highschool and all share the same physical description and last name despite not being related at thomassanders Virgil Sanders is Thomas Sanders' fourth and long presumed to be final major Side. If you listen closely, there’s a steady thrum of machinery, you can hear beeping. He once pushed a glass of water off the table while looking Logan directly in the eye. OVERNIGHT AT USA's MOST HAUNTED ABANDONED HOSPITAL! (Warning Light Sides React To Virgil Sanders Tik Toks Mar 24, 2018 · Virgil couldn’t say no to that face, and he jumped at Patton who opened his arms and caught him. . Available in lightweight cotton or premium all-over-printed options. But he heard a faint buzzing coming from up ahead. He likes to sit on the dining table for no real reason. sanders sides animation fanart animatic patton sanders roman sanders virgil sanders logan sanders janus sanders remus sanders i hate myself and my work Sanders sides Soulmate au college au Virgil sanders Roman Sanders Logan Sanders Patton sanders abuse tw toxic parents tw angst polyamsanders lamp food mentions 993 notes Jun 28th, 2018 Royal-Sanders-Sides Welcome to the Royal Castle, home to King Thomas and his four sons: Princes Roman, Logan, Patton, and Virgil. Virgil just happens to be a little… unique. Not until he w Mar 12, 2018 - Read Happy 1 Year!!! [All x Reader] from the story ♢ S a n d e r s I m a g i n e s [x reader] ♢ (COMPLETED) by Const *waves* my Sanders Sides stuff is here, or I’m Thuri on AO3. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Sanders Sides highschool Au, inspired by a tumblr post. I made some animatics. Virgil Hissing. Quote. Virgil… He's…He's in bad shape, Logan…” Logan knew he'd be hard pressed to get Patton to move from Virgil's side for long sanders sides sanders sides fanfiction logan sanders logan angst  Everyone knows Virgil is hiding something. It was obvious he was uncomfortable around Remus, and that sanders sides thomas sanders virgil sanders patton sanders logan sanders roman sanders remy sanders sleep sanders merry fic college au fanfiction ts fanfic sanders sides fan fiction 20 notes Dec 23rd, 2018 Apr 27, 2020 · Sanders Sides Custom CC Series - Virgil's Hoodie Apr 27, 2020 14:23:07 GMT -5 . Patton checks on everyone like a true dad, and learns more about his fellow sides than he ever would’ve in the daytime. There is so much I can say about Virgil, but I want to just congratulate him on being the only Side that wasn’t an Unhealthy Coping Mechanism. Please do not reblog/add onto/write fics/draw art off requests! Wait for the real prompt! Submit a prompt - Here's how! Alternatively, request a prompt for me to write - Here's how! Please use these prompts for your own use - fanfiction, fanart, edits, etc. High quality Sanders Sides gifts and merchandise. Talyn, who had already been present in the series as an editor and making props among other tasks (they made the laptop prop that Logan throws at Thomas' head), stepped in as a makeup artist for Virgil's eyeshadow in "Accepting Anxiety: Part 2". i still have personal issues with him but im getting better, so this is actually the first fic ive written with him I think Virgil is STILL a Dark Side and never truly became a Light Side. Everyone has one. You can thank them for making me draw mer AU AU!Virgil lol. He was the one who put off feeding after all, and now it was noon and he was all out of blood bags. Summary: Virgil occasionally goes into what Roman has dubbed “Protective mom mode” A/N: this is a tiny ficlet off a concept i find hilarious which is virgil being super protective and practically baby proofing the house, also im slowly accepting deceit/janus. There is no proof that Virgil is his actual first name. Press J to jump to the feed. Link to fic masterpost My name is Alo and I use they/them pronouns. Happy Sanders Sides Anniversary!! | October 21st, 2017 | 595 Words | 1 Chapter | Platonic LAMP Summary: The sides look back at the past year and their friendship. And there’s still a colour missing, Orange. Thomas Sanders and Friends 1,910,440 views Virgil has always been cat-like. 1 Jan 2018 In this AU the Sanders Sides are humans and are Thomas' brothers :) labor around 20 minutes ago and needed to be taken to the hospital. Hospitals have the exact same hallways, exact same rooms. virgil sanders. sanders sides zenpai edits remus sanders roman sanders virgil sanders creativitwins prinxiety platonic dukexiety 276 notes May 7, 2020 - Explore Coolguydwight's board "Sanders Sides", followed by 127 people on Pinterest. He hisses. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. ) Roman being genuinely flustered, blushing profusely Virgil giggling out loud Logan crying and pretending not to (but then his voice breaking mid-sentence) Patton getting so furious there’s murder in his eyes Patton shouting Virgil my side blog main: @pokii-jonas × this is where i'll officially be putting all of my fan fics and fan art! Y’all might know that I’m writing a fanfic where Thomas and the sides have a Mario tournament So, I was thinking of having the sides show up in the games. Summary: The newest video revealed a new ability of the Sides: when they get too overly panicked and stressed, they uncontrollably transform into giant animals or creatures. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna fae inspired sanders sides au! 1. I don’t have the time or energy to run this blog alone, so it’s time to open up applications again! r/SandersSides: This is the home for all Fanders who love Thomas Sanders' series Sanders Sides. Patton snuggled him real tightly for a minute, and Virgil started purring. " They opened the door, and Patton smiled reassuringly. Regular price Shop Sanders Sides Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Virgil represents Thomas' anxiety, caution, vigilance, and his fight-or-flight reflex. Jul 3, 2019 - Includes Thomas, Deceit, Roman, Logan, Patton, Virgil (in that order) Requests are always welcome, as is Criticism ^^ Virgil's stomach ached with need as he lied whimpering in his bed in his darkroom. please do not hold me accountable for my sins incorrect quotes ~ supporting the fabulous artists in the fandom ~ fanfiction ~ headcannons ~ and shitposts ~ omnisexual/romantic ~ nonbinary ~ they/them ~ theodore, but i respond to "theo", "bitch", and "hey you in the hoodie" ~ anon exists for stupid questions and love letters/confessions filled with homoeoticism guys, not hate ~ fanfic requests Sanders Sides Smut Prompts. To start off the video, Virgil immediately understood that his appearing in the video first was not a good thing. ! (Virgil and Tiny!Roman-centric) 3 Tiny!Sides and a Virgil. Sanders Sides trash. "The Sanders Sides 12 Days Of Christmas!" On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me [Virgil:] Guys, I'd rather not participate [Roman:] Too late! We That’s like patton and deciet working together…what’s gonna happen when virgil comes back . Virgil is a patient that has been there for most of his life. Individual Sides: Wolf-Themed Remus. Virgil’s working with Deceit and/ or the other Dark Sides and doesn’t like Deceit, but he needs Deceit so he can keep the secret from the real Light Sides and Thomas Sanders/Sanders sides blog!! main blog: @hey-iz-geekee. Virgil's stomach ached with need as he lied whimpering in his bed in his darkroom. He only lets certain people touch him. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest g/t sanders sides infinitesimal-grey infinitesimal sides gt virgil sanders g/t fluff roman sanders sanders sides au gay prinxiety infinitesimal grey infinitesimal sanders sides infinitesimal!sides sanders sides g/t smol tiny g/t prinxiety thomas sanders borrower sanders sides prince starved prince starved au ts prinxiety princiety prinxiety fic fanfic masterlist| she/her | 20 | Just call me Specs | I post Sanders Sides fanfiction from time to time | prompts are always welcome | Asexual | Icon credit to @the-great-void May 03, 2020 · Sanders Sides is a YouTube web series created by vlogger Thomas Sanders, in which he has group meetings with personifications of different aspects of his personality (Morality, Logic, Creativity, Anxiety, etc) to work though issues in his life and understand himself better as a person. [Time Skip presented to you by all the tears ever shed in the hospital] Virgil didn't come to work the next week. Indigo- Logan . Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Inspired by this lovely artwork by @sanders-sides-uncorrect-quotes. With the split of Creativity, it threw a wrench in the works and gave us 7 sides. fan fiction sanders sides sandersides fanfiction shutdown fanfic fan  4 Jun 2018 Virgil pulled over to the side of the road and put on the parking break. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. " ~~~~~ The next morning, things seemed to be back to normal, though Virgil seemed just a little happier than normal. And thirdly, there is (or was) a circle between the current 6 sides: Patton and Virgil, Logan and Remus, Roman and Deceit. He supposed this was his flat after all. Logan was laying in his bed, reading a thick book, Roman It had been nearly three months since the harsh storm had caused the ceiling collapse; and no new Sanders Sides videos had gone up, so as not to worry the fans about Virgil's injuries. The profile picture was made by me but the header was made by @merlybird500 A blog for my Sanders Sides fanfics! I ship a lot and I write a lot! English isn’t my first language so I’m sorry for any mistakes that may be present Bring Out The Gays I do Incorrect quotes, aus, and drawing/fanfiction ideas! My favorite ship is Roceit. ((Askblog for Sanders Sides DEH au. Anonymous sent a message You should go for it Pat!! Patton: Thomas Sanders Sanders Sides fanfiction commissions Vocal Media Monique Star. Mentioned: Janus, Remus Todays mer au drawing based on the Reverse!mer au fanfic, Chasing the Captain written by the talented @hiddendreamer67. So what will happen when he discovers he has not one, but three Virgil grinned when the story ended, though predictably he didn’t ask for another. "Let's go home. If you die you become a side and you remember your life when you become a side. Violet/ purple- Virgil . In which, Virgil just wants to protect Thomas, and he’s sick of being nothing but “the bad guy”. See more ideas about Thomas sanders, Sander sides and Thomas and friends. Virgil “John Doe”: Admitted 01/17/10. - and tag me! Prompt Fills Here. man has big hoodie. Big unsympathetic Deceit warning Virgil's a child for like 2 seconds then I mess everything up Read to find out! (Warning: Sad themes, but happy ending!) Characters Belong to Thomas Sanders All artwork is mine! (Includes cover, do not steal pls!) Hi Jan 01, 2018 · In this AU the Sanders Sides are humans and are Thomas’ brothers . Shop Virgil Sanders Hoodies and Sweatshirts designed and sold by artists for men, women, and everyone. Instead, Virgil looked through Roman’s CDs and Roman sat down on the bed next to him, looking at what Virgil was making his choice of performance tonight. VIRGIL IS MY SON. " sanders-sides-thuri:. atiribok 17,227 views Virgil the Child (Sanders Sides) Fanfiction. If you’re sensitive to physical/mental harm, proceed with caution. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest sanders sides fanfiction fanfic fan fic roman sanders remus sanders ts remus ts roman ts princey ts duke duke sanders princey sanders creativitwins 31 notes Jan 9th, 2020 Open in app Sanders sides TS sides TS fanfic patton sanders logan sanders fae patton fairy Patton inktober2019 nyn writes butterfly writing infinitesimal sides infinitesimal!sides infinitesimal patton infinitesimal!patton gt g/t Giant/tiny i wanna keep the warnings invisible for a bit more so i'm just stalling rn lalalalalalalalalalalalalala warnings after (Before you proceed: the following content may be very angsty and triggering to some people. Anonymous sent a message You should go for it Pat!! Patton: sanders sides patton patton sanders roman roman sanders virgil virgil sanders logan logan sanders dark angst character death tw character death psychiatric hospital writing fanfiction ashes 212 notes cxt-txstic liked this Deceit loved Virgil with every ounce of himself. Virgil Sanders 100% reads fanfic. (( For whoever feels lost, this piece of fiction is the continuation of the events of my fancomic/fanfiction Sanders Sons, in which the Sanders Sides are Thomas’s children and it can be read from the start HERE)) ((Trigger warning: Legal parenting procedures, mention of run-over, hospital environment)) sanders sides virgil sanders bnha my hero academia prinxiety ts fanart boku no hero academia roman sanders bnha au sanders sides au shinkami 367 notes Loading Sanders Sides Library Mod Quest! sanderssideslibrary:. ts big bang 2019 ts-storytime 2019 submission sanders sides roman sanders virgil sanders patton sanders logan sanders prinxiety logicality human au sanders sides fanfic sanders sides fanfiction sanders sides fic sanders sides human au Jan 01, 2020 · BLOOPER REEL!! Return of the Bloop! (Sanders Sides) | Thomas Sanders & Friends - Duration: 26:23. my name is Jax. — Deceit teaching Virgil how to hiss! 1. strong, warm, protective, 18/10 would be held again. 1. Jul 27, 2019 · The Bloop Awakens! (Sanders Sides) | Thomas Sanders - Duration: 28:44. Virgil V3 Tee. 2 Apr 2018 “I know,” repeated Roman. Fandom: Sanders Sides. It’s Hurting Virgil Hours. great for holding. The front doors are open, but you have to go in alone; Logan hates crowds. I go by Elizabeth or El, but nicknames are also appreciated! WARNING: This fic contains graphic depictions of rape, NSFW content, gore/death, and overall mature themes. He’s just a flight risk. It Is Wednesday My Dudes. He didn't have much, just a couple of things in his backpack and a lot in a duffel bag. Sanders Sides . Virgil carefully swung his/Thomas's/ whatever's legs over the side and A massive stunt for the sanders sides videos. ) Icon & header by @fanartfunart. Enjoy! Virgil walked down the corridor, frustrated after having to deal with yet another of Thomas's problems, and On Camera for goodness sake. All Virgil could hear as he walked was his soft footsteps and light breathing. If You Think Starkid Doesnt Own Me Starkid, Musicals, YouTube, Sanders Sides and more! Also here to help with your musical theatre needs! Including auditions, monologues and more! Other Sanders Sides Posts. 142K Reads 5K Characters by: Thomas Sanders Virgil Black has been admitted to Sanders Junior Mental Hospital. sanders-boyo. Unchanging. " Virgil sighed, and opened the door further, letting the boys enter the apartment. This is the home for all Fanders who love Thomas Sanders' series Sanders Sides Aug 21, 2019 - officialy an adult in the wizarding world her/she I love sander sides. Stable. Today was the day that she was finally going to give birth. His duffel bag contained his clothes and other deco Dear Virgil Hansen Today is going to be a good day and here's why. Cue engineering montage from Big Hero Six. He was a former Dark Side before defecting. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Oh Virgil. sanders sides sanders sides fanart virgil sanders roman sanders patton sanders logan sanders janus sanders remus sanders thomas sanders 6 notes May 23rd, 2020 Open in app A simple being I occasionally draw. Roman as Wall-e Janus as Eve Logan as AUTO Virgil as M-O (You decide who the rest of the characters are) (Seriously though please write a Roceit fic that's really inspired by wall-e- please I beg-) sanders sides virgil virgil sanders roman sanders prinxiety sanders sides art virgil art roman sanders art my art colonialghosttour absolutefuss (main) art blog thomas sanders thatsthat24 thejoanglebook im bad at anatomy only prinxiety if you squint real hard this is platonic I found a fanfic with a Spider Virgil. Something's wrong with Virgil. Sort by 8 products. Virgil has always been cat-like. An AU fanfic where the sides arewell, used to be in an Asylum. It’s best to do mod talks mod post updates askbox open thomas sanders sanders sides virgil sanders roman sanders patton sanders logan sanders //illness mod post wow I’ve been absent as hell, but some new updates should come later today, and maybe more after that. Sanders Sides human au where Virgil, Roman, Remus and Deceit are placed into the foster care of the Sanders family (Logan, Patton and Patton’s son Thomas. Nov 30, 2017 · Sanders Sides Fics MasterPost General categories are ordered by length. mass emotions ts sanders sides gt g/t gt angst angst moxiety prinxiety roman logan patton thomas sanders gt sanders sides g/t sanders sides sanders sides gt sander sides giant!virgil tiny!patton tiny!roman janus deceit sanders sides au giant giant and tiny size shifter size shifting giant sides infinitesimal!sides tsart giant sketch We know that each side is given a colour, and the pattern seems to be the colours of the rainbow as seen below Red - Roman . Summary: Based a headcanon from this post in which Patton likes to check on the other sides at night to make sure everyone’s safe. “We just need to get him to the hospital. " Virgil ripped the bag Roman carried out of his hands, and looked inside. Sanders Sides fanfiction - PV/CV/EE - Sanders Sides Analyses - - Support Me on Ko-fi- Thomas knows Virgil was a Dark Side, or something similar, he knows. If any of this bothers you please don’t read this! Character info coming out soon! sanders sides college au where roman, patton, and logan start a podcast thats just them chatting because they thought it would be fun, but it doesn't really do well, and then for like the 6th episode patton says they should have a guest on to spice things up but the only person who agrees to do it is remus, who drags in his two friends dee and virgil. Jul 25th, 2019 Thomas Sanders cosplay Sanders Sides photobomb Vidcon 2019 fanders Nov 25, 2018 - Discord out here taking this “B*tchmas Season” to a whole new level. Yes it was in a cartoon-verse. always I'm willing to share the love. Sanders Sides Hospital AU! Hello there! So this is what I’m doing. His fellow Sides are Roman, Patton, and Logan. " "Alright. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Dec 15, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Virgil Sanders. virgil sanders roman sanders patton sanders thomas sanders sanders sides sanders sides fanfiction the only characters missing from this chapter are logan and talyn how did that happen ghosty goos Oct 25 2017 - 468 notes Aspects & Fanfics Ep. Losing Control - Chapter 2. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. You know  25 Oct 2017 Virgil scoffed and rolled onto his back, arranging his hands behind his head. Endgame Sincerely Three!)) Mar 7, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Hannah. The blog to which I reblog all the original art, fanart and fanfiction I want. (Scenes to multi-chapter fics) Fics can be read as romantic OR platonic if not explicitly labeled! +Scenes:+ =Give me a word, Fandom: Sanders Sides. So as said by multiple other people, the theory of another Side isn’t May 8, 2020 - Thomas Sanders, his Sides and Friends (Fanart included). The Great Ukulele Caper (Has all Sides and Thomas) The Midas Touch (Sleep/Remy and Patton-centric) (Christmas) Lights in Darkness (Sleep/Remy and Virgil-centric) Tiny!Sides. Logan Angst Virgil RP Blog (This blog is my main RP blog, where I RP as Virgil and sometimes myself) -----Incorrect Sanders Sides Quotes-----FANFICTION, ONE SHOTS, ART, ETC-----Toddler Virgil RP Blog (My toddler Virgil now has his own blog!) -----MY SIDES 👓Reason 😶Self Confidence (SC) 😑Judgement (J) 😄Morals Inspiration 🎉Roleplay (RP Sanders sides inhuman au ask blog, feel free to address any of the sides Zombie Roman, Unknown/Ghoul Virgil, Werewolf Logan, Ghost Patton, and others to be mentioned. He Virgil nodded slowly and stood up. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Apr 27, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Fairy Bread. Not until he w Sanders Sides Asylum AU No matter why they walked into the Thomas Sanders Psychiatric Hospital on that fateful day, what happened both inside it and after they left changed their lives forever, Liam Virgil (aka Oob), he/him pronouns, 15, aroace, love Thomas Sanders so get ready for Sanders Sides shit, love writing stories and will write stories for you, occasional shitposting sanders sides fanfic fan fic fanfiction virgil sanders remus sanders janus sanders ts virgil ts anxiety ts remus ts janus ts duke ts deceit deceit sanders sleep sanders remy sanders sleepxiety 35 notes May 18th, 2020 I REALLY want to read a fanfic that takes place back when Virgil was a dark side. fanfiction - PV/CV/EE - Sanders Sides Analyses - - Support Me on Ko-fi - - Check out my Patreon' the sides ranked by who would hold me best: roman sanders. So what will happen when he discovers he has not one, but three "Virgil?" "Yeah?" "I would slay a million dragons for you. 05. High-quality, pre-shrunk heavy or lightweight fleece. I drew Virgil owo Virgil's stomach ached with need as he lied whimpering in his bed in his darkroom. He sees a lot of himself in Virgil’s exuberance and wonders if he’s really as rude and insensitive as Virgil is. For Thomas Sanders fans to talk about Sander Sides as well as other series! Cancel. Any who, this fic is inspired by the YouTube video 'SANDER SIDES - Good For You He ran inside the hospital and into the ER, his eyes scanning the room  31 May 2018 A Sander Sides AUAlright this is for a fic idea that im planning on posting soon. 5M ratings (18, she/her, 🏳️‍🌈) I just reblog & like a bunch of people's sanders sides art & fanfic, along with Ch-Ch-Changes (Virgil and Patton) Weird Blend of Angst, Fluff, and Hurt/Comfort. Warnings: sympathetic sides all around (though logan is a villain by trade he’s not actually evil), injury (a deep cut in the abdomen), hospital mention, patching up a wound, stab mention, and i think that’s it but lemme know if I missed anything!!! Word count: 1,132 ~ Remus might have bit off more than he could chew. Camp Camp: Max is abandoned at camp and is adopted by David Sanders Sides: Thomas take Anxiety medication sanders sides janus sanders virgil sanders remy sanders roman sanders remus sanders logan sanders totally not despicable dee au ts fanfic ts fanfic au 433 notes Jun 11th, 2020 Open in app thomas sanders sanders sides sander sides soulmates soulmate au prompt fanfiction virgil sanders remus sanders virgil/remus remus virgil 23 Anmerkungen Mai 11th, 2020 In App öffnen adri’s totally legit 2am sanders sides fanfic cool-moves-bro one day after filming sanders sides, adri caught janus at the door (because every side is totally different people you heard it here first folks) and was like, “omg janus lets hang out and talk about stirner or something i really admire ur work” thomas sanders art my art artists on tumblr fanders drawing virgil sanders roman sanders logan sanders janus sandere patton sanders remus sanders sander sides roceit moxiety intrulogical digital art deceit sanders fanart ts fandom sander sides fanart don't repost without credit roman x deceit patton × virgil logan x remus I liked the idea of Virgil demonstrating some Mer-sounds for Roman who would be so confused how those noises are even coming out of him lol. ” With that, Roman turns to leap into action, but he takes the initiative a little too well and ends up running head first into a wall and knocks himself unconscious. what am i even doing This Blog Supports Rem-Rom!, Antis DNI, Multi-fandom blog, drabble and sketch requests open, art and writing commissions open (they/them) You can call me Star, for all the smut blogs checking I'm 20. He had told the others that he didn't mind them making a few videos without him, but they wouldn't hear of it, claiming that it wouldn't be the same if they Tiny Sides 4/4 (Tiny Virgil) A/N: Ahhhhhh this took me forever and im so sorry my life has been insane but I’m really proud of this so i hope you all like it. The statement turned Virgil into a blushing mess, "He isn't my boyfriend. Apr 5, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Hannah. 15/10. See more ideas about Sander sides, Thomas sanders, Sanders. It was a different type of love. (Y/N) was nervous and jittery from not only her rampant hormones but also because of her pain. Virgil is normally alone in his room and trys not to bother the nurses or doctors to “I have some water for you,” Patton careful-whispered, as he circled around to Logan’s side of the bed. Hey, what’s up, it’s ya mod salty here. Shop thousands of Prinxiety tote bags designed by independent artists. “I Can 't Believe TGTTCOOPSI - Lamp/Calm, human au, hospital/fire. again all credit for this idea too @tinysidestrashcaptain Jul 01, 2019 · 30 videos Play all Sanders Sides - Episodes Thomas Sanders Virgil in "Dealing With Intrusive Thoughts" | Sander Sides - Duration: 5:25. Virgil, Logan, get him outside while I go get the car. He roman sanders virgil sanders thomas sanders sanders sides answers prinxiety princey. They all have this one plot that has like thirty+ stories about. fae inspired sanders sides Transcriptions - Part 2/4 (( For whoever feels lost, this piece of fiction is the continuation of the events of my fancomic/fanfiction Sanders Sons, in which the Sanders Sides are Thomas’s children Virgil: *Yeets himself into Trash Can* yeet this has happened with me and a friend except instead of yeeting myself I yeeted a fanfic I wrote sanders sides patton sanders virgil sanders incorrect quotes Chapter 1 It was Virgil's first day at the apartment. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works sanders sides thomas sanders patton sanders thomas sanders morality patton morality morality morality sanders remus the duke thomas sanders remus remus sanders dark creativity sanders remus dark creativity dark creativity incorrect quote incorrect sanders sides incorrect quotes incorrect sanders sides quotes source: Game Grumps kinda i was roman sanders virgil sanders thomas sanders sanders sides answers prinxiety princey. Please practice hand-washing and social distancing, and check out our resources for adapting to these times. Patton Sanders 100% reads fanfic. Anonymous sent a message You should go for it Pat!! Patton: Every fandom has their thing. Vipers Have Bad Eyesight. 26: A Side is Born Part 1: Virgil’s Pregnancy Today is one year since the first episode of this story inspired on Sanders Sides by Thomas Sanders and Joan S. Favorite Side Bundle - Virgil. This is because there were originally, supposedly, 6 sides. Weird Hogwarts Houses. The Sanders Sides appear on Thomas because they feel in the mood for doing a video, and since it's Christmas Eve, and it's the first Christmas that Virgil spends with the rest of his new friends, Roman suggests that the four of them should wear festive Christmas "ugly sweaters" and perform a Christmas carol together. “ That would suck 'cause I hate hospitals…” “Oh? Hospital?” Roman  27 Jun 2020 B. He was moving on cautious tip-toe, both hands wrapped tightly around the half-full glass. 10/10 but his hands get clammy after a bit. Main story line? When Virgil was a kid his parents were nice  Deceit Sanders · Virgil Sanders · Remus Sanders · Dark Sides · Dark Sides Family Virgil gets hospital visitors · Mistletoe · Logic | Logan Sanders - Freeform  8 Mar 2018 Logan Sanders' phone ringing startles the young college student out of his sleep. soft, sturdy, does the thing where he rubs your back. Roman and Remus will fuse. Sanders Sides - Life Ain’t Perfect. echocw: hufflepuff-deceit: Logan: Hospital. A Trash Bag. Obviously, he felt a little affectionate to Virgil, in that kid-brother sort of way, but this was the first time Virgil had ever called him a friend seriously. I’m worried for there (patton and virgils) realationship ts deciet sander side theory patton sanders ts patton thomas sanders sides sandersides theory thomas sanders sandersides virgil sandersides patton Sanders Janus Janus Sanders snek boi lee Be More Chill starring Virgil and Logan Sanders #sfw #sanders sides #logan sanders #virgil sanders #antagonist logan #unsympathetic logan #tashiarts #be more chill #musicals posters 3 / 20 / 20 Virgil: *smirks* tell me everything, Ree. More than one of the  9 Mar 2020 Long time no post with Sander Sides! Please go to the hospital if needed and eat well your vegetables ^^ I love you all and stay safe! Roman reminding Deceit that he shouldn't keep waiting for Virgil to come back to him especially when It's cute, I really love this and its giving me so much fanfic fuel. Patton was the first to come, giving Virgil a big hug. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest sander sides sandersides remus sanders deceit sanders janus sanders virgil sanders patton sanders roman fanfiction sander sides fanfic fanfic ts logince May 28, 2018 - Can we just say one thing Virgil just said please Stay safe and healthy. 2020 - Erkunde julmond_studs Pinnwand „Sanders Sides“ auf Pinterest. Virgil is also the voice of reason, much like Logan, but does not attempt to solve the problems he sees in the same ways Logan does. He had somehow been forgotten when the cold had been running around their mind place. Not until he w Oct 27, 2018 · r/SandersSides: This is the home for all Fanders who love Thomas Sanders' series Sanders Sides. ranked second only because he wears a short-sleeved shirt. Talk to my anytime you want. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest sympathetic remus ts remus remus sanders ts remus sanders soft headcanon for thr birthday boy ts sides ts sanders sides sanders sides ts sanders sides headcanon sanders sides headcanon Jun 25, 2020 Dark side Logan who has feathers instead of hair, and little patches of soft primary feathers peppered all over his body in random spots. Creativity, Morality, Logic, Deceit, Anxiety/Paranoia and Wrath/Sloth. you cannot mix my children and expect me NOT to have a heart attack at this ajdjdjjfjdje mood 2 months ago 27 notes reblog sanders sides thomas sanders logan sanders roman sanders virgil sanders sanders sides fic sanders side fic fanfiction mine my post 1 note Jan 22nd, 2019 Open in app When everything is going fine on the fanfic but there are 30 more chapters thomas sanders sanders sides thomas sanders fanart sanders sides fanart virgil virgil Hey im bored and have a plot. I think there’s a very good chance Patton writes Tiny!Sides fic VIRGE IS SO. I like almost all SS ships (patton ships make me uncomfortable lowkey but you do you) but analogical is my favorite. BABY in this askahs like Haruhi is obvously the best and so is Virgil so. I Relate To Logan Because. Good job, kiddo. My first animation, i know its… bad, but i tried and spent 60+ hours on it. My current hyperfixation is Sanders Sides, so most of my art and fanfiction at the moment is some form of that, although I do occasionally post non-TS content. My art isn’t the best, sorry bout that. #sanders sides #virgil sanders #thomas sanders #logic sanders #sympathetic deceit #ts deceit #deceit sanders #deceit angst #ts virgil #tw gore #self hatred #self-harm #sorry for this #gore warning #sympathetic virgil #sympathetic remus #ts remus #remus sanders #anxceitmus #platonic or not #sanders sides fic #sanders sides fanfiction The most frustrating part of being a Sanders Sides fanfic writer is the fact that I don’t have a lot of opportunities to add female characters. Let’s Play…. It's a Moxiety one & it's on Wattpad called, "Love for a Spider. Lost (Sander Sides fanfiction). February 17. ((I’m stuck in an elevator with 7 Crites from the 80′s horror movie series Critters. sanderssides; selfinjury After Logan, Roman, Remus, Virgil, Patton, and Dee were rescued from being kidnapped, they had to readjust to normal life. Pride Sanders . He only had one headphone in, lightly bobbing his head to the music until the other sides came along. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest roman sanders virgil sanders thomas sanders sanders sides answers prinxiety princey. And then Virgil landed him his first few jobs, but none stuck so Logan just hired  18 Nov 2017 And as incredible as that might be, outcome number two came with baggage; baggage to the tune of hospital visits, MRIs, CAT scans, Therapists,  Sanders Sides (literalmente Los lados de Sanders) es una serie web de YouTube creada y Es muy emotivo y es entre los Sides quien le tiene más cariño a Virgil, hasta el punto de adoptarle unilateralmente como su "hijo oscuro y extraño". Muffin's Art & Fanfic Dump Elliott (two "t"s), neutral pronouns | @yourelost-itsokay's art sideblog. (I play virgil and you can play any side, idc) So the plot is that this is a long term hospital and your a new patient. Sometimes I ask for requests. I don’t have the time or energy to run this blog alone, so it’s time to open up applications again! Virgil: d***it, roman, you’re my friend, and i care too much about you to cut ties over this, but i can’t have you hurting yourself Roman didn’t know how to respond to that. D. Green- Remus . Except Virgil. She was terrified of birth but she was excited to finally have the baby out of her. " Don't know if you were looking for a shippy one but it has a Spider Virgil so yeah. was released. So it’s taken a long while and 40-50+ watchings of Selfishness vs Selflessness and endless heartbreaking screencaps saved to my phone, but I am finally ready to put a pin in my analysis of the last Sanders Sides video! 💙 Join the Sanders' Side of Discord! 💙 Check out my other TS blog for U!Sides Content! 💙 Anti-RR / R*mR*m Shippers DNI 💙 Icon Credit 💙 Aaliyah Halsey Sander sides Danny Devito Jack And Mark Thomas Sanders Sander Sides Thomas And Friends Ship Art Loving U Youtubers Cool Pictures Feb 7, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Ah hi. He leaned on the This is Virgil Sanders, Patton's guardian. punttonsanders:. There will be triggering topics including hospitals (duh), self harm, suicide attempt, eating disorders, abuse mentions, all that jazz. "We shouldn't stay for too long. No one in a 50 mile radius has been able to identify him. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Back to Top; Post by seafoamwishes on sanders sides virgil | sanders sides virgil | sanders sides virgil angst | sanders sides virgil fanart | sanders sides virgil hiss | sanders sides virgil cospla Feb 10, 2019 - "what is a yeet" <<< How do you explain the wonderful word that is “yeet”? For The Art And Fanfic Needs. 430 taken - 9 people like it How much do you know about the Sanders Sides 16. He loved all the dark sides, truly, but Virgil was like a younger brother, compared to the others who were closer to being his children. sanders sides sanders sides fanfiction virgil sanders patton sanders janus sanders deceit sanders sympathetic deceit (a deep cut in the abdomen), hospital # virgil sanders # roman sanders # sanders sides # touch-starved # fanfic # my fic # I really hope this is okay # I'm so nervous # touch-starved has been my most popular fic # so I'm really worried this doesn't live up to it # @slutsanders Sanders System!AU - Thomas Meets Virgil A/N: Hello and welcome to another fun installment of the system AU no one asked for but everyone seems to enjoy! I figured I’d start off the ficlets with something I’ve been itching to write–Thomas meeting Virgil. As for Deceit!Patton…things are complicated. " Virgil whispered, just loud enough for them to hear. View all prompts on Wattpad Roceit Wall-e au/fanfic prompt. I love Critters movies and I think the Crites are cute, but being in a small space with them would result in death. Creativity!Logan. Backpack containing his laptop and other electronics plus his sketchbooks, paints, brushes, and canvases. ) Sanders Sides Demigod AU Exactly what the title says, the Sanders Sides boys in a Camp Halfblood AU! Main blog is @gryffindorofcabin21. This is my overly affectionate roomie Patton. That doesn’t mean that it didn’t hurt. The art from the icon and banner is mine. Something’s Up With Virgil Day 29 of @sanderssidesspook‘s Spook Month Prompt: Dragon Witch Fandom: Sander’s Sides Pairing: hints of Prinxiety (especially at the end) Words: 1,509 Summary: Remy throws I want to know if there is a fanfiction were. He rarely, if ever, requested a second story, and it was never immediately after the first. com Sanders Sides Oneshots Fanfiction. He only got accepted once the other sides saw how important he was to Thomas. Join them in their daily lives as royalty and be prepared for what troubles may arise. Deceit As Self-Preservation First Dec 6, 2019 - Explore Scarrim Gamer's board "Youtube" on Pinterest. Deceit Singing No Good Deed. Patient showed up by himself 01/17/10 and did not give a name. Also, feel free to send asks for the boys and for me. I've seen the love conversion in your bio Celery! I love ResidentAnchor! real talk though, the best scene is theatre history is when emma is running across the stage in horror, screaming and on the verge of tears, trying to escape the hivemind only to run through back stage and back and being slammed with the realization that she is not in fact in a hospital as the scene described but in a theatre on stage about to be killed in front of a live audience who will not Source: iwritefanficion sanders sides x reader sanders sides sander sides fanfic remus sanders x reader remus sanders smut tentacles not safe for sanders aphrodisiac iwritefanfiction 179 notes Mar 14th, 2020 Virgil RP Blog (This blog is my main RP blog, where I RP as Virgil and sometimes myself) -----Incorrect Sanders Sides Quotes-----FANFICTION, ONE SHOTS, ART, ETC-----Toddler Virgil RP Blog (My toddler Virgil now has his own blog!) -----MY SIDES 👓Reason 😶Self Confidence (SC) 😑Judgement (J) 😄Morals Inspiration 🎉Roleplay (RP DWIT Analysis - Master Post. Only sleeps when passed out drunk or literally in the hospital. 8 Nov 2017 The Dragon Witch's Monster Curse - A story about the sides being turned into classic movie monsters Morning Routine - Virgil and Roman do makeup. analogical logan sanders virgil sanders virgil x logan thomas sanders logic anxiety anxiety's room i like Logan doing things that he normally wouldn't do to comfort the other sides like not talking for a while and just listening and strying to show emotion fanart art sanders sides sanders sides comic kinda angst more fluff tho sanders sides fanfiction sidescontentweek familial lamp/calm familial analogical virgil sanders logan sanders cursing angst arguing miscommunication lkgn i dont know how well this one turned out friends im highkey nervous i hope its okay aaaaaaaaaaa why is always scary to post fanfics Collection: Sanders Sides Filter by. You have an active ask blog where strangers on the internet can ask about yourself and Patton Murphy and that's enough. "So, I brought games!" "Awesome. Orange- ??? Yellow- Janus . Despite being decrepit and disused for years, you can still smell the sterilisation in the air. Sanders Sides (Thomas Sanders) When Words Fail - [ao3 only] - Soulmates. A bunch of oneshots with the Sanders Sides! Might be romantic or platonic, might be smutty or angsty or anything between, just whatever comes to my mind. Virgil V3 Tee Favorite Side Bundle - Virgil. He was referred to as John Doe for nearly a year before revealing his first name, Virgil. patton sanders. This book will contain things like: Prince x Anxiety Prince x Logic Prince x Morality *name spoilers for Deceit* I feel like Virgil doesn’t hate Janus(Deceit) because hes Deceit/a Dark Side. I Imagine Mers make sounds similar to dolphin clicks and whistles, and orca and blue whale calls. Sanders Sides Quiz 10 Questions - Developed by: Luna Lee - Developed on: 2019-03-11 - 11. You’re doing great. Alright. Unique Thomas Sanders Virgil clothing designed and sold by artists for women, men, and everyone. Sick (Sanders Sides) Everyone was sick. General Trivia Facts: Joan started co-writing the Sanders Sides series on the 8th episode, "Alone On Valentine's Day!". Not until he w Dec 25, 2018 - This Pin was discovered by Razordragon. AN: I love sander sides so much! I feel like this would totally happen. And a personal perspective. A Bird With A Healing Wing Xaan or Adam | Any pronouns | Thomas Sanders fan blog | I wrote the fanfic Silence and Duality and thus fell in love with my OC Parker! | Main blog is @xaandiir | Inbox is open | I take art/fic requests!! | Previously ace-anxiety-sanders | Avatar by the AMAZING @the-pastel-peach!!! mod talks mod post updates askbox open thomas sanders sanders sides virgil sanders roman sanders patton sanders logan sanders //illness mod post wow I’ve been absent as hell, but some new updates should come later today, and maybe more after that. When 50% of your cast is played by the same man and a lot of his friends are male or non-binary, it’s REALLY DIFFICULT. Putain je veux morir!!” (That’s what Virgil said in French. So when Virgil and Deceit are forced back to the dark sides by Patton, and Virgil gets angry with Deceit, it hurts, deeply. sometimes I write. Characters: Main: Patton, Virgil, Logan, Roman. I feel it’s more personal than that. Sep 22, 2015 · Bernie Sanders’ 1972 Essay on Rape Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign tried to distance him from a 1972 essay in which he wrote that a woman "fantasizes being raped by three men simultaneously. “Thank you,” he said, and when Patton hesitated, Roman (who’d moved up behind him) nudged his shoulder. “I'm at the hospital. “WHAT THE FUCK!!!” Virgil screams. (Also a lot of cussing). Ericthometer. So decide was Virgil's dad he was in every possible way abusive and killed Virgil But when he was still alive ( I don't care if he feels bad now ) he didn't feel any guilt and died because he smoked Virgil has always been cat-like. The date is December 31st. @parsnipit has a bunch of amazing TS Sides fic, too! ironwoman359 *throws my masterlist into the ehter and slinks away* Mar 9, 2017 - This Pin was discovered by Dancer Chan. 24 Jun 2018 uhh warnings for disorder talk, suicide mention, swearing? Polyamsanders mostly. Sanders Sides Library Mod Quest! sanderssideslibrary:. “Virgil, can you get a taxi, a Lyft, anything–just get to the hospital? I…I`m trying to keep them together  11 Jan 2018 When they were all gone, Virgil was alone again in the hospital bed, staring dully out of a window at the setting sun. C. I was also thinking about having some of Thomas’ friends show up at his apartment, like Joan, Talyn, Quil, Valerie, Leo and Gavin, and have some spectate the tournament and some Misquoting the Sanders Sides I've only been in the fandom for a single day, but if anything happened to my sons I would destroy everyone in the world and then myself. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Thomas Sanders Sides FanFic - Pastel/Punk AU By sanders Sanders Sides Oneshots - Anxiety x Male!Side!Reader Wattpad. Weitere Ideen zu Thomas sanders, Schleifgeräte, Mach dein ding. sanders sides thomas sanders sanders sides fic kawaiikat54 fic imperfect family fic sanders sides fanfiction ts roman ts virgil ts patton ts remus IV, hospital Roman announces, panicking. sanders sides fanfiction virgil hospital

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