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6. 6 Schneider Super Symmar XL (430g, 67mm, 288mm) 120mm f5. This is a Schneider-Kreuznach Prime lens. 1mm Blackmagic Production Cam 11. The combination of these robust mechanics and Schneider-Kreuznach’s characteristic high-resolution optics makes the three new lenses a universal tool for professional photographers and enthusiastic hobby photographers alike. 00: 25-014792: Schneider Optics V38 Line Scan Series Componon 35mm F2. The one I bought is an 45mm APO Componon HM. 8, FA* 300mm F4. 6, SSXL 110/5. Key features include: Large image circle for excellent resolution. Highlights. 6 Jan 23, 2013 · The closest lenses I would compare the Schneider Cine-Xenar III primes to would be Zeiss Ultra Primes or Cooke S4. 8 Manual Iris V-Mount Lens, 30mm Image Circle : $674. The minimum operating distance (MOD) of the lens is not considered in the calculation. 8″ (9 mm). aperture. Parallel shift and lens swing or tilt can be carried out independently of one another in any desired direction (vertically, horizontally or obliquely) thanks to separate rotary Of course reviews of shift lenses used on 33x44 will be scarce, but I think you can get an idea of the performance if the lens works great when shifted ~7 mm vertically or so on 24x36. These lenses, too, are offered with focal lengths from 23 to 180 mm. Nikkor-T ED 360/8 #552xxx, cover 5x7, MC, black Copal #1, flange, caps, Ex+/Ex++ $475. The Schneider Cine-Xenar III 50mm T2. Jan 20, 2016 · The Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 25mm Prime Lens. 6 to f/8 or f/8 to f/11) and a lar-ger image circle diameter for sensors up to 40x54 mm pro- Support for Every Production A wide range of gear – all maintained to the highest standards. Features: Standard Focal Length Lenses: Schneider makes a large range of closely staggered focal lengths which guarantees the most suitable lens for the angle of view and the image circle diameter for all the current sensor sizes. 3. The size of the projected image circle is based on the design of a lens. Landscape photographers have employed subtle amounts of distortion since the ƒ/64 The new 6. The lens easily covers a Super 35mm film frame with an image circle of 31. 9/10 --0901 In accordance with the sensitivity of modern 1“ CCD and CMOS sensors the megapixel lenses are broadband coated and can be used in the visible range 400 – 700 nm or the near infrared range 700 – 1000 nm. Cinema Lens Build. With a working distance from 0. All large format camera lenses are designed to be used with all photographic films. Proof a 50mm in 35mm is classed as a "normal lens" in 5x4 it is wide angle. 0 Aperture, C-Mount, 400-1000nm Transmission, Lockable Focus and Iris, Robust Mechanics for Industrial Use, Lightweight at 2. Good 4x5 Lenses A few of my favorites: SSXL 80/5. Across the board, the Cine-Xenar III lineup has an outside diameter of 104mm with a 100mm x 0. Process-Nikkor 260/10 #600081, cover 16x20, 800mm image circle, barrel, hood, caps, flange, Ex++ $575. Davis January 2002: Focal : Max. might be the best deal on this list. For more options to adapt lenses to cameras with TFL-Mount, we provide a V38-to-TFL-Mount and a V48-to-TFL-Mount adapter. These lenses offer more image coverage (image For digital cinematography, Schneider-Kreuznach offers the FF-Prime lens range for demanding film and TV productions. Anyway… cinema Standart is still S-35. CONFUSED??? nikkor 135w or 150w? Fujinon-L 300/5. g. Schneider Apo–Symmar 135mm f/5. 75 filter thread, and they’re all color-matched to allow simple lens changes. Vision Systems. _. Determining the image circle of a lens can be a subjective process that may yield questionable results. Because of the ever expanding range of cinema formats and sensor sizes, Duclos Lenses has engineered a dedicated tool for recording and evaluating the projected image circle of a given lens. com website. The Schneider Cine-Xenar III Cinema Lens Set for Canon is designed specifically for EF-S mount cameras and for Super 35 sensors (the image circle for these lenses is 31. schneider optics xenon-ruby 21-1074626 1/1. The results when compared side by side were stunning. First, here are the criteria for the lenses to qualify: True cine lenses, not rehoused still lenses. er of the lens includin g sh utter. Offering a coating from 400 nm to 1000 nm Schneider stays true to their commitment to offer lenses which are suitable for almost all industrial lighting conditions. The robust mechanical design with lockable iris and focus is resistant to vibrations and guarantees an extremely high and uniform image quality over the Sep 11, 2015 · For digital cinematography, Schneider-Kreuznach offers the FF-Prime lens range for demanding film and TV productions. 02 x 12. SPECIFICATIONS. 2mm 29. Though the lenses have been around for a while, having a Canon C300 Mk II on test was a good opportunity to have another quick look. 2 MANUAL IRIS C-MOUNT LENS, BROADBAND COATED (400-1000NM), OVER 2 MEGAPIXEL RATED. May 16, 2019 · The Schneider lens can probably produce the same lp/mm resolution, but its image circle is probably more than five times the diameter of the image circle the Nikon 50mm f1. We performed our own test with the IQ180 and a variety of tech camera lenses: Schneider 28mm XL Super Digitar* Schneider 35mm XL Digitar; Schneider 43mm XL Digitar Feb 13, 2014 · The image circle is a characteristic of the lens. Schneider Industrial F-Mount Lenses Industrial Xenon-Emerald F-Mount Lenses. Both lenses represent the state of the art in digital picturetaking optics The larger the image circle the larger the picture size (film format) it can cover. 2 mm featuring compact, robust, locking focus and iris, designed for close up range or infinity and optimized for a uniform image quality over the whole sensor area. Ask for a quotation. 2mm. ] IMAGE CIRCLES. 5 mm wide-angle lens with 17. 6 mm image circle,  Fast f/3. Each compact lens offers all new optical and mechanical design for outstanding operation and performance as well as rugged reliability. The robust mechanical design with lockable iris and focus  The latest release in the Xenon-Topaz C-mount compact lens series from Schneider-Kreuznach is a 6. The eight element lenses offer not only a nigh maximum aperture, but also a field angle of 109 degrees, an even more uniform illumination and distorsion values of less than 1%. There are cinema primes which exceed the FF-Primes in these areas, but for a lot more money. Strong high-speed lens lineup More lenses with different focal lengths will be added soon. Whether you're outfitting a live, multi-cam cinema broadcast or need a low-profile doc package, looking for the latest cutting-edge camera or a vintage lens, or anything in between, we have the equipment and expertise to ensure your project is a success. The sharpnes was easy to figure out. 6, Sironar-S 150/5. 2. It shows also how the lens advancement feature works in order to bring near objects into focus. It provides an angle of view on 4x5 which is similar to a 24mm lens in the 35mm format, but with a very large image circle to allow creative control for the photographer-in fact, it has the largest image circle of any 90mm large format lens. Better results regarding color at the edge of the image circle should be expected when using the improved “Wide Angle Tech Camera” LCC option. 1" and a pixel size down to 3. 3” lenses equipped with TFL- Mount. This lens is fairly inexpensive; sharpness is decent but not outstanding  Lens construction, 6 elements, 6 elements, 6 elements. 5mm image circle for coverage of 2K/4K/5K Cinema, and Canon 7D Welcome to our store. 8 The lens design and huge image circle of 120mm is an ideal all-round lens solution for studio and location photography. This list of view camera lenses was prepared to compare older lenses which may be available on the used market and with perhaps 2 or 3 exceptions, the lenses are in Copal shutters. Although monitors and paper photos are rectangular, lenses are ( usually) round. Anti-shading for sensor sizes up to 1. The smaller image circles of the lenses allowed Schneider to design a lens that was sharper in a smaller image circle. May 21, 2019 · Good article Hans, most modern lenses are 90% perfect. The image Angle of view for 6×12 format is based on a 110mm by 54mm image size, the size of the image produced by the Kraken 612. Min. 8 oz. The 110mm f/5. Conclusions I've seen relatively modern lenses like Schneider Symmars (double gauss) that had relatively high definition right to the edge of the image circle, but older designs where only the middle half or even third is well defined, a good example of this are early Petzvals, I tried a 5inch one and it illuminated a huge image circle but only a quite Feb 20, 2016 · *certain DA lenses do cover the full-frame image circle as noted in the previous section **only these FA lenses support lens corrections: FA* 24mm, FA 28mm, FA 31mm Limited, FA 35mm, FA 43mm Limited, FA 50mm F1. Because of the large image circle, this lens tolerates large amounts of tilt and shift when used with a digital camera body. 6 mm image circle, a working distance from 0. schneider symmer S lenses made for linhof; JML Question? 8 1/2 inch (215 mm) f5. The Cinegon 1. 2k Arri Open gate you have a 33. 5 are the ones you should be looking for (I would rather get the gen1 Canon, will loose less value over time and less likely be decentered). Oct 12, 2012 · Schneider-Kreuznach 50mm F2. 1” format. 5, FA* 400mm F5. Image : 8x10in The CPN 4/28 and 2. The small capture area of the chip crops out only a small portion of the image circle which results in a very narrow field of view. At 24mm, the image circle is very large for a C-Mount lens. Lens Specifications; Name: Samsung 12-24mm f/4 ED AL Schneider D-XENON: Image Circle: APS-C: Type: Wide Zoom: Focal Length: 12 - 24mm: APS Equivalent: 18 - 36mm: Max Aperture Jul 04, 2020 · rodenstock large format lenses RODENSTOCK 8x10 LENSES Sinaron SE / Rodenstock APO Sironar-S 300 / 5. 5-5. Features. Schneider quality is a given. S. 187 image circle info please? Schneider symmar-S 210/5. The use of neutral grey, vignetting-free Center Filters is recommended for critical motifs and to make best use of image circle. Locking focus and iris prevent change in stressful environments. 5 Gen1 or Samyang 24mm 3. 6, f/5. Angle of View at f/16. 81 degrees. A big drawback to this neat little lens is that the combination of extreme wide angle and small aperture makes it very hard to see what you are doing on the groundglass due to the dim image, especially at the edges. Feb 25, 2005 · Used this way, the image circle is entirely adequate for the 6x9 format, but movements must be done with some care. 3mm can be utilized for cameras like the Canon 5D Mark III or the Nikon D800. This lens magnification factor is sometimes also called the crop factor. Even under production and / or extreme conditions, the robust mechanical This digital filter corrects the natural reduction in brightness at the edge of an image (referred to as vignetting) that occurs when using wide-angle Schneider Digital Lenses | Linhof Studio By continuing to use this website you are consenting to the use of cookies in accordance with our cookie policy . It can also show by spurious resolution at higher lp/mm values in the “defocussed” image. Aug 05, 2009 · Lenses in the S series produce a larger image circle than the corresponding N lenses of the same focal length. IIa. Jan 11, 2017 · First thing to do is mont it on bellows and capture a test image with a high res DSLR as a diagnostic device. 8 x 24. There are numerous blank values in the table for which no data was available. Simultaneous 8° tilt and 12mm shift. 5 mm wide-angle lens with a 17. 6 Super-Angulon XL Lens is a long-time professional\'s favorite for use as a wide angle lens for the 4x5 format. Let’s look at the best cine prime lenses for the Sony FX9. 8 Sonnar lens, a Pentacon 200mm f/4 lens and a 135mm Zeiss f/3. 9 x 22. Schneider Optics V38 Line Scan Series Componon 28mm F2. 6 - $400 If you have to have a plasmat-design lens this one is adequate for the price and performance needed to properly render an image in the field. IC indicates Image Circle. 6. Jan 12, 2019 · For shift you need a considerably bigger image circle. Some lenses may vignette a mere millimeter or two before reaching the wide end of the zoom and some might gradually creep in with a soft vignette. All of the focal lengths in the set feature a maximum aperture of T2. Schneider Kreuznach announced the launch of the Xenon Full Frame Prime lenses in the United Kingdom. 6 Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 50mm f/1. 6/38 XL. Ideal for machine vision, quality control, web & surface inspection and line scan applications, these compact and robust optics offer low distortion, uniform performance across the focal plane and an image circle of 43. 3mm Canon 7D 14. 4 Additional details on the new DSLR lenses: Lens specifications: Focal lengt Aperture range Format sensors up to Image circle Filter thread Close-up focus Lenses for both S35 and full-frame The High Speed Zoom Line is compatible with Super35, the image size standard used by typical digital cinema cameras, while the FF High Speed Prime Line and FF Zoom Line are compatible with a full-frame image circle. Telephoto lenses are listed as such and require only about 3/5 the focal length to focus at infinity, but they do not have as wide an image circle as normal lenses. 3mm 26. Capture Integration Test. They are designed for close up range (S) and long range (L) and optimized for a uniform image quality over the whole sensor area. 5cm (75mm) f/2. 109mm. 8 can produce. Field of view calculations based on PointsInFocus. ap erture / fo cal len g th. you can have equal FL lenses with different sized image circles. 1, utilize a 35mm Full Frame image circle  There are very few cameras, either field or view, which could offer enough displacement of the standards to challenge this lens' image circle limitations in 4x5. Used Camera Lenses Used Large Format & View Camera Lenses While view cameras take time to set up, the right view camera lenses with sufficient image circle for tilt and shift movements allow a degree of focus manipulation and perspective control unmatched by other formats. 6, Nikkor M 200/8, Nikkor M 300/9 Picking a good set of lenses for a 4x5 view camera can be a fun exercise if you are into gear and the technical aspects of large format photography. subsidiary of the world-renowned German optical manufacturer,Schneider-Kreuznach. The 550 mm lens is a 6/2 construction, giving 78° of coverage, while the 1100 mm lens is 4/4 with 45. This series of 4K lenses was designed for cameras with full frame sensors (36mm x 24mm). Most Schneider lenses have been designed with color correction and broadband coating to work well over the entire visible light range from 400-1000nm - and are available in 2/3" format, 1" format, and larger to cover large megapixel camera sensors. 2 mm featuring compact, robust, locking focus and iris ,  These cost efficient lenses are designed for sensors with an image circle diameter of 1/1. Schneider XENON EMERALD series are ultra-low distortion lenses with an image circle diameter of 43. Opt indicates “optional”. LARGE FORMAT AND … PERSPECTIVE CONTROL. Stacking lenses, also called coupling lenses, is a technique to increase magnification where you mount a longer focal length lens on the camera and a second shorter focal length in reverse and face-to-face When the Image Circle is smaller than the height of the sensor, the image is round and outside of the image circle it’s dark. When looking for a lens for your monorail or field camera our used large format lenses are the way to go. In order to do that, Schneider has to make one amazing lens, with an angle of view of 120 degrees. 8" (9 mm). The large image circle in use surprised me. Note that this is not the latest, XL, version of the lens, which is significantly bigger and has a larger image circle (image circle: 259mm, filter size (front): 95mm, rear mount: 86mm; weight: 665g). 17 for the 16K More Information Schneider Optics: 25-1071189 Lens Description: The Schneider 90mm f/5. For most modern lenses, mechanical vignetting is used to ensure a minimum level of performance over the specified image circle. This tilt-shift lens has a standard focal length for a full frame 35 mm format and produces perspect. 5. These high-resolution lens optics with their large image circle are the same as used with all other renowned high-quality lines of Sinaron Digital Lenses, and the Focusing Mount is the same one as used with the well introduced Sinaron Digital CEF Lenses with mechanical shutter s. The HR Digaron-W/SW lenses with a little bit smaller work-ing aperture (optimum: f/5. R el. However, a possible application still exists for a wideangle enlarger lens. 5 Lenses: For 4x5 or smaller, the Schneider 135mm f/3. Maximum apertures of f/4 and f/4. Feb 07, 2018 · For this application, lenses designed to provide a higher resolution on smaller negatives or sensors should be used. 1 EF Mount Lens is designed specifically for APS-C crop frame sensor Canon DSLRs and for Super 35 sensor EF mount cinema cameras (the image circle for this lens is 31. Welcome to the official Schneider-Kreuznach channel! conversations and want to thank all visitors for the interest in our lenses and Image may contain: screen and indoor, text that says 'R锐 Schneider  Schneider-Kreuznach Radionar 7. 5 or f/4. 1 to infinite, the The smallest wide angle large format lens I know of is the Schneider Super-Angulon 65mm F8. Products. For true close-ups, the 120 AM covers the 4x5" format with outstanding detail and extreme colour rendition. These cost efficient lenses are designed for sensors with an image circle diameter of 1/1. 6 APO-Symmar L lens has the same basic design as a  17 Apr 2020 There are several factors that play into lens image circle, and following Schneider offers a reverse example with their older Symmar-lenses  Lenses for adjustable technical cameras must offer really large image angles must ensure the very best imaging quality right up to their image circle margin. 56 X 72 mm ; 56 X  17 Oct 2017 The image circle is the size of the circle of light that the lens projects. Cinegon 2. Very useful indeed. If a lens is not listed as being coated or multicoated, then it is uncoated. Portrait lenses are individual; each is described. 5mm Large Format Lens Specifications This table is sorted by coverage within lens length. 5 lenses. 8 Super Angulon for Canon is a completely manual-focus shift, perspective-control lens. 3 inch c-mount format (24mm image circle) and can be used on any smaller format which do not contain the micro lenses" Jim Sullivan, Schneider Optics' Industrial Sales and Marketing Director said, "To further support the full potential of microlens sensor technology, Schneider is now producing The Schneider Optics Xenon-Emerald 2. 12mm 24. 6mm 28. Recommended Size, Extreme Color Correction, Standard View, 59° Coverage, 90mm Image Circle, Uses 40. 0’s 31. 5mm, providing support up to 2K/4K/5K Cinema. On extension the performance of a Componon lens is pretty average with a sharp center and a general fall-off in performance towards the corners with a peak in performance of about f4. 4x. 0. Due to the large image circle of the lenses, they can be shifted by 12 mm and tilted by 8 degrees simultaneously. Sep 19, 2013 · Therefor, each zoom lens has two image circles listed – one for each end of the zoom. Schneider Super–Angulon 90mm f/5. Feb 25, 2010 · Because Schneider is still actively designing and developing new large format lenses, aimed at film shooters. Lenses for large image circles with an anti-shading lens design. 360° rotating tilt and shift mechanisms. 8 Super Angulon Lens for Canon combines exceptional reproduction quality with a large 90mm image circle and excellent adjustability which is restricted only by the camera's bayonet mount. Within this circle is the smaller circle for which image definition is acceptable. 5mm image circle easily covers a Super 35mm film frame, providing support up to 2K/4K/5K Cinema. 2mm are compact, robust, lockable in distance and aperture. 1" (17. 44 mm with a full frame 35 mm format which has a diagonal of 43. 16 Aug 2019 Image Circle Diameter at f/16. 1 CP. Image Circle The size of the circular image that lenses project is called the image circle. The best Schneider enlarger lenses are the HM series. 5mm). They are the best lenses for smaller sensors up to 33x44 mm or (if no large shift is necessary) even up to 37x49 mm with a pixel pitch around 5 µm or even smaller. Angle of view is a lens design attribute that combined with focal length gives another lens parameter called image circle, that is, image size. The lens design and huge image circle of 120mm is an ideal all-round lens solution for studio and location photography. Jul 27, 2020 · If 4 perf, that's a 31mm image circle. Non Tessar type - usually 3/5 type - post war lenses of superb quality include the Voigtlander Heliars and Apo-Lanthars, the Schneider Xenotar and the Zeiss Planar. 8/35 is an awesome performing lens if you know how to get the most out of it. These low-weight compact lenses are fitted with a C-mount and are suitable for modern 1. Below an extract out of our product range: Schneider-Kreuznach Industrial lenses and 4. 4 Schneider-Kreuznach Makro-Symmar 85 mm f/2. This means that the full image circle with a diameter of 43. The largest broadcast equipment shop you can ever see in Thailand. The Xenon lenses are designed to cover the visible spectrum (400-700nm). 6 Multicoating lens. 7° of coverage. 1, the Nikkor M at f/8, and all the lenses except for the Rodenstock at f/11. The diagram below from Scheider shows the size of the lens’s image circles in comparison with the 5x4 film area. 5 Macro for Canon Both lenses are large and heavy, but are designed with exceptional image quality and a huge 900 mm circle of coverage in mind. When this light strikes a perpendicular target such as photographic film or a digital camera sensor, it forms a circle of light – the image circle. 2 Nov 2018 We shot all images at f/8 for consistency, but the Schneider 43 XL digitar but the 70HR is a great performing lens with a 100mm image circle. 8/28 perform best in stacked configuration from 2x to 4x with a large enough image circle to cover a full frame sensor. On the  Schneider Fast C-Mount Lenses provide excellent image quality even under low light conditions in the visible spectrum and are available at Edmund Optics. 6 mm image circle, for cameras with 1. In reality they are on the same league of the Zeiss Ultras for less the price of the XEEN lenses… Only difference is the image circle for that lenses are S-35 instead of Full frame. Used Schneider Lenses: are available. Every lens in the set covers a full frame image sensor without vignetting and is designed for 4K image capture. Page 3 Extra-large image circle for shift and tilt Drawing in actual size The image circle diameter of normal lenses is only for 35 mm full frame sensor format slightly larger than the diagonal of the taking format, e. Image circle: 190mm; filter size: 49mm; weight: 205g. Lenses have even larger image circles, ranging from 150mm to 255mm for extreme camera movements. Outstanding optical performance The MTF (contrast) over the whole image circle is very homogenous, there is virtually no distortion. 3mm image circle, or a tiny S-mount lens for a board-level camera, we’ll deliver the right lens. 0 µm. The comparatively short focal length also allows a large acquisition area at short working distances with the 1. Lenses designed for Jun 08, 2000 · My nominees (Actual Weight, Filter Size, Image Circle): Figure 2. 8mm 27. Jun 04, 2020 · Schneider Xenon FF Cine Prime Lenses. the image circle diameter corresponds to the shorter edge of the sensor format. Here is the description from the Schneider website FAQ section : Lenses are designed to project out a circular image onto a sensor or film plane. 2 mm image circle, with V48-Mount or More Information Schneider Optics: 21-1071611 SCHNEIDER OPTICS XENON-RUBY 21-1074625 1/1. 6, Fujinon CM-W 125/5. Schneider’s standard C-Mount lenses are used in applications requiring high-quality optics for megapixel cameras. 5mm image circle. If you do the math for a 120mm by 60mm image size your results may differ. 8/4. E-mount lenses; PL-mount lenses; Must at the very least cover an image circle of 43mm. 6mm Canon 1D C (4k) 18. Huge image circle. 3 mm. The color fringing was interesting. The useful image-circle diameter, as indicated in the tables on page 25 for all Schneider lenses, refers not to the extreme edge of the image circle, at which the   12 May 2020 The image circle of a lens is the circular area in the image plane formed by the cone of Schneider, Super Digitar 5. Many people also like the G-Claron 305/9 with an image circle of 381mm and a weight of 420g. Of course, it also leads to more distortion in some photographs, so you have to take special care not to overdo the tilt movement, in particular. Schneider-Kreuznach expands the Xenon-Topaz C-mount compact lens series . Max. Very sharp and "clean" and I use them all the time. 8mm Compact C-Mount Lens covers a 2/3” format sensor with an 11mm image circle. 6 Super Angulon Test Review 198 mm image circle for plenty of movements on 4 x 5" As almost all 4 x 5 lenses, sharp at all apertures Schneider compact vis nir lenses used in optics and photonics applications are available at Edmund Optics The original Schneider literature boldly claimed coverage of 102 degrees for the Angulon. Buy Schneider 80mm f/4 Apo Digitar L Lens w/ Copal #0 Shutter featuring Designed for Digital Backs, 37x49mm Max. The latest release in the Xenon-Topaz C-mount compact lens series from Schneider-Kreuznach is a 6. The Componon 2. Jun 08, 2009 · This new 24mm lens is optimized to cover the 1. 8 Manual Iris V-Mount Lens, 32mm Image Circle: $630. I believe this was designed by Arri with the idea that most would but it's case by base Which is why I'm asking. The Cine-Xenar III primes are a bit slower than Zeiss Ultra Primes, but at a fraction of the price, a fair trade to say the least. rule of thumb as to how much larger of an image circle I would want, for Schneider lenses do not share center filters as well as the  24 May 2017 Unlike other GFX adapters currently available, the Magic Format Converter enlarges the image circle of Nikon and Canon full frame lenses so  7 Jul 2013 Image Circle. The image circle has a 17. 1" Format C-Mount. The new 6. 4 x 23. 1” CCD and CMOS sensors with 12 megapixels and a pixel size of up to 3. These compact precision primes are optically corrected and broadband coated for the spectral range of 400-1000nm (VIS+NIR) on megapixel cameras. Jan 01, 2011 · The Schneider lenses are called Cine-Xenars and are available in focal lengths from 18-95mm—the 18mm is the latest—while the two new Zeiss offerings (added to an extensive existing line-up) are the 50mm/T2. e. An 85mm designed for a 35mm camera has a smaller image circle than an 80mm designed for a 6x6. 6, FA* 600mm, FA* 28-70mm, FA* 80-200mm, FA* 250-600mm (most of these profiles are Sep 19, 2014 · For Photokina Schneider Kreuznach announced three new lenses for DSLR cameras (available for Canon EOS and Nikon F mounts): Schneider-Kreuznach Xenon 35mm f/1. The Leitz Thalia prime lenses offer a consistently cinematic look and feel throughout the range of 9 lenses from 24mm to 180mm with an image circle of 60mm. 6/58 XL - ¡¡0° Image-circle diameter ¡66 mm. 4, FA 77mm Limited, FA* 85mm, FA* 200mm, FA* 200mm Macro, FA* 300mm F2. Whether you need a Zeiss F-mount to cover a 43. We offer fixed focal lengths, vari-focals, zooms, and lenses with manual or motorized focus, iris or zoom. Such image are especially helpful for checking whether the axis of sensor and lens are aligned: The image circle must Feb 06, 2012 · These new Schneider lenses have excellent optics, precision controls and produce a large image circle to play with. They'll all good lenses but given the ticket to buy the best, I would opt for a Leica Summilux ASPH, probably in 35mm. Angle of view, 72º, 72º, 72º. Please enter your criteria and we'll show you suitable lens models. I have never seen what a 135 W does, but if it is like my Nikon and Schneider ones were then it would have a little more gradual fall off. 75. Now, these lenses are not like a DSLR’s tilt-shift lens with way more range of tilt and shift motion. Compact and lightweight Xenon-Topaz lenses are designed for modern CCD and CMOS sensors up to 12 megapixel resolution and with an image circle diameter of 1. 1/6 As with all Schneider-Kreusnach lenses in the C-Mount compact range, the Cinegon 2. 6's very large image circle allows plenty of creative control for the photographer-in fact, it has the largest image circle of any 110mm Also if you want more coverage for the 300mm focal length, then the Fujinon A 300/9 with an image circle of 420mm and a weight of 410g is a nice alternative and a tad bit sharper. To use a lens, and to have it completely cover the film, the lens has to have an image circle with a diameter as large, or larger, than the hypotenuse of the film format. 48mm 14. A bigger image circle translates to more versatility. 6 mm) and a  A lens for a 4x5 camera must have an image circle of 6½ inches, For example, a Schneider 150mm f/5. With 3. 8 - $200 Search for a Linhof shuttered example if you purchase one made in the 1950's Most Schneider lenses have been designed with color correction and broadband coating to work well over the entire visible light range from 400-1000nm - and are available in 2/3" format, 1" format, and larger to cover large megapixel camera sensors. Super-Angulon. 6 Schneider Super Symmar HM (390g, 67mm, 211mm) They produce a wide image circle, enabling full use of view-camera movements for control of perspective and depth of field. Come check out the 50mm f/2. M 72 x 0. 8" 10MM F2. It is large enough to surround, or cover, the frame of the final image on To serve the demand of high-resolution compact lenses with an image circle up to 24 mm (4/3”), Schneider-Kreuznach offers now their well-known anti shading lenses and the 1. The Schneider Cine-Xenar III 35mm T2. The 67mm filter size means you can use filters from other systems with a stepup ring (72). The image circle of 24 mm is large for a C-Mount lens. Ikona Imaging offers following Schneider lenses: Jan 11, 2017 · First thing to do is mont it on bellows and capture a test image with a high res DSLR as a diagnostic device. 8mm Canon C100, C300 13. Apr 09, 2018 · Schneider Kreuznach Cine-Xenon 75mm f2 All lenses have an Arriflex Standard mount and cover the Super 35mm image circle (slight vignetting on the 28mm). A Duclos Arriflex Standard-to-PL mount Oct 17, 2017 · The image circle is the size of the circle of light that the lens projects. This lens is a best buy. Lens Displacement at f/16 (vertical/horizontal). However, they are extremely expensive for a lens with a 50-degree image circle. The image circle of a circular fisheye will be completely inside the image sensor format, i. Image Circle Coverage Film to Flange Distance Price Data Source; Schneider: Super Angulon: 8/4 It covers an astounding 120 degrees, or an image circle of 166 mm. 9 Lens In Focusing Mount Vintage Schneider Kreuznach Xenar Lens 1:4,5 / 210 - GERMANY . Aug 15, 2012 · The 58mm SA XL is specified to have an image circle of 129 mm at open aperture and 166 mm at f/22, infinity focus. For my last inspection sequence, I raised my enlarger head to 16x20 and used a 40x grain focuser (Omega swivel head long mirror device) to view the infocus areas of each negative. Lens coverage needed (without shifts & tilts) for each format is approximately All barrel mount lenses have diaphragms unless noted. 1'' sensors, completes the Xenon-Topaz series from Schneider-Kreuznach. 5 Xenotar or It is very sharp in the center of its image circle, blurring attractively towards the  Simulation of a lens' image circle (projected on the film plane) and various capture Schneider's 72mm lens covers 5×7—notice how they chose a different and  These cost efficient lenses are designed for sensors with an image circle diameter of 1/1. 4 mm image circle, while the GFX only needs 55 mm. 3 manual iris c-mount lens, broadband coated (400-1000nm), over 2 megapixel rated These cost efficient lenses are designed for sensors with an image circle diameter of 1/1. Here's a diagram of typical image circles for Schneider lenses from their  Xenon-Topaz | 1. 2 Compact Primes. The Schneider-Kreuznach announces the availability of new Xenon-Topaz lenses. Schneider 210mm Symmar Convertable f/5. The new Xenon FF-Prime Cine-Tilt lenses each come with ± 4° tilt to help a cinematographer distort an image just enough to make it more interesting without changing lenses. Some of these enlarger lenses have a huge image circle and can be reverse mounted and used for macro work too, Michael Erlewine has found some up for grabs that even outperform EL Nikkors: Medium Format Lenses for the DSLR The SCHNEIDER Apo-Digitar N lenses offer the neces­sary focal lengths for a perfectly natural perspective. The Schneider images were quite a bit sharper and showed no signs of fringing. If Used/Performance/Weight is important. These compact and lightweight lenses are designed for 12 MP sensors with an image circle diameter of 1. Thus, some areas of the sensor are not utilized (Fig. Originally launched with just three lenses, Schneider’s range of mid-priced primes, designed to cover full-frame 35mm, continues to expand. So why are the images generated by round lenses  Schneider-Kreuznach. 3" Image Format, Compatible with 4MP/8MP CCD Cameras, Optical Design Prevents Sensor Shading, 24mm Image Circle, f/2. Schneider has been producing the highest quality optics in the market for over 90 years. Aug 11, 2015 · Well the “Second Generation” of Sony Cinealta PL lenses are way better then the CP2 and the Canons. All Xenon FF Prime lenses are designed for 4K resolution (4096 ? 2304 pixels) and cover the full 44 mm image circle that's usable on Canon 5D Mark II, Mark III and Nikon D800 cameras. The large image circle and the low distortion of these lenses enable users to utilize the newest 8k and l2k cameras to improve productivity in surface and web inspection processes. They offer an outstanding clarity and sharpness over their entire image circle, big enough to allow wide parallel shifts for perspective corrections of converg­ing lines and lens tilts or swings for depth of field control according to May 20, 2013 · Schneider Kreuznach PC-TS lenses Emulate the movements of a ––––––––––– . 6; Fuji 210W image circle?? quality of Osaka LF lenses; Congo Lenses; Schneider 65mm f/8 Super Angulon (chrome barrel) Fujinon 400 f8; Is Nikon ashamed of their large format lenses? State of the art large format lenses for 4x5 and 5x7; Uninteresting Threads The Schneider 50mm f/2. 8" 16mm f2. What's particularly notable about Schneider's product is that it achieves a lot of speed and a large image circle simultaneously in a physical package that, while far from small, isn't outrageously bloated. 3 m to infinity and a maximum angle of view of 114°, this lens fits for various applications where a huge field of view is needed from a near distance as common in We offer all lenses from Schneider and Rodenstock, covering a focal length from 23mm to 300mm. Images of Fisheye lenses are typically like that and are then called “circular fisheye image”. 6 mm diameter. The maximum focal length I can test at 1:20 is 360mm. The image circle is the key to any lens that allows movements. 8 PC-TS Super-Angulon HM Tilt/Shift reviews and specifications. In addition the Convertible Symmar was designed so that a second longer focal length could be used by removing the front section of the lens. 6 #11355784, cover 8x10, MC , 75*, ED glass, Copal #3, caps, Mint- $2295. The SW-series lenses feature wide covering power and a wide image circle. 5 Sonnar lens - the best of the lot! Schneider-Kreuznach PC-TS: Perspective Control Through Tilt/Shift lenses are exceptional quality, specialized lenses that provide for shifting as well as tilting of the lens thereby allowing the videographer full control of perspective as well as selective depth of field using the tilt feature. 2, left). Linos -- Rodenstock's parent company -- chooses to keep their line stagnant. The Schneider 28 PC allows 11 mm vertical shift and that corresponds to a 58. 5 assure fast and pin-point Mar 12, 2007 · Each of Schneider's l2k Line Scan lenses features image circles of up to 90mm and is designed for 5 micron pixel size cameras having up to a 62mm sensor. 3mm-60mm F-mount Large Format Lenses Schneider XENON EMERALD series are ultra-low distortion lenses with an image circle diameter of 43. 6 vs Rodenstock-N or S 210mm f/5. The covering power or coverage of a lens is often used interchangeably with image circle, and relates to the size […] The lenses are in Copal shutters, with perhaps 2 or 3 exceptions. 88 x 21. 00: 25-014798: Schneider Optics V38 Line Scan Series APO-Componon 40mm F2. tor applies with the use of lenses designed for 4 x 5. Some of these enlarger lenses have a huge image circle and can be reverse mounted and used for macro work too, Michael Erlewine has found some up for grabs that even outperform EL Nikkors: Medium Format Lenses for the DSLR Schneider-Kreuznach has addressed these topics with the new lenses series Xenon-EMERALD. Instead of the Schneider electronic shutter, also Rodenstock electronic shutters or Copal mechanical shutters can be ordered. Find the perfect deal for Schneider Camera Lenses with free shipping on many items at eBay. 8 Manual Iris V-Mount Lens, 43mm Image Article discusses focal length in photographic lenses and shows that it is not related directly to angle of view. 8 x 26. Shop by mount such as Canon ef, arri pl mount, m42 Sep 17, 2010 · The combination of these robust mechanics and Schneider-Kreuznach’s characteristic high-resolution optics makes the three new lenses a universal tool for professional photographers and enthusiastic hobby photographers alike. Schneider Fast C-Mount Lenses are designed for extremely low light situations, the high aperture (f/0. But when shooting with the old MF lenses, I focus the same way you do and get a very good May 20, 2020 · Nikon over-built the current line of Z lenses to cover a MF image circle. Abbreviations: ML: indicates “Moderately Limited” (usable image circle reduce by a several mm). The robust mechanical design with lockable iris and focus is  Schneider FF primes are a unique set of lenses. 6-11 Ideal Working Aperture Range, Made in Germany. 95) of these lenses provides excellent image quality even under low light conditions. Sep 08, 2005 · Plus the image circle is sharp and bright all the way out to the edge then just drops off with maybe a 1/4 inch fuzzy halo. These applications include robotics and machine vision, industrial inspection, document scanning, postal sorting, medical applications, and many others. 6 ilex-calumet series-s caltar no. New Large Format Lenses for 8x10in (312. 3mm image circle usable on Canon 5D Mark III and Nikon D800 cameras. You can swing these little jewels so far that when you see a round image entering from the side it's probably your ear! Copal shutter is easy to operate, quiet. All the wide medium format lenses that would work are very expensive. Review Schneider Xenoplan Buy Schneider C-Mount 24mm Compact Lens featuring Supports 1. Jun 17, 2020 · Image Circle – 31mm; T-Stop Range – T2-T16; The Orion series from Atlas Lens Co. May 14, 2019 · The 120mm Vega 28B (Russian B ) in Pentacon Six/Kiev 60 mount is very good and might become my default lens for the time being. Each lens in this set features a Telecentric design with the same dimensions, focus/gear positions, and color matching standards. 9mm 33. Nikkor, Fujinon Schneider G Claron, 355mm, 9, 444mm, MC, 77mm, 855g These lenses are faster, heavier and have pretty large image circles. Even allowing for some conservatism on Schneider's part, 6x17 is beyond what the lens is intended for. The Super-Symmar XL lenses are the world\'s first aspherical lens design for large format, producing incredible peak sharpness with excellent correction for distortion and a small overall size. Mega Pixel lens for image circle 16 mm Cinegon 1. Canon 24mm 3. Sharp, crisp images. The 55mm Apo-Grandagon is specified to cover 163 mm at a working aperture of f/8-11. 0/80: 60 mm image circle) • Close up and long range versions • F-mount, V48-mount 4 8 27. 1 and 100mm/T2. The size of the circular image that lenses project is a lens' angle of coverage and image circle and are based Take, for example, the Schneider Super. The image circle INCREASES as you focus away from infinity. Absolutely excellent glass. I use 67mm filters from my Pentax 645 system and 72mm filters from my Canon system. When we tested these lenses in 2018, they were already a solid bargain, and the results were nothing less than stunning — and they’ve only dropped in price since then. Lens Selector. Durable, high-quality build Jul 04, 2020 · NIKKOR LENSES. Optical design: 8 elements / 4 groups Schneider 75mm f/5. So whether it is RED Dragon, Canon C100/C300/C500, Arri Alexa, Black Magic, Sony F5/F55 and HDSLR cameras, these compact lenses provide 4K resolution and cover the full 43. aperture, f/5. Those lenses with the most coverage occur first. 230. Image. The convertible Symmar was single coated, with the Symmar-S being multicoated. Jun 24, 2020 · To serve the demand of high-resolution compact lenses with an image circle up to 24 mm (4/3”), Schneider-Kreuznach offers now their well-known anti shading lenses and the 1. 6 x 27. With a magnification range from ß´ = 0. Image circle, 145mm (f/22)  18 Nov 2016 Suggestions for the best large format lenses for an 8x10 view camera. Schneider-Kreuznach introduced an entire new Cine-Tilt lens line-up. 8mm Blackmagic Pocket Cam 7. Future Classic 90mm - 120mm Lenses From Left to Right (weight, filter size, image circle) 90mm f8 Nikon Nikkor SW (355g, 67mm, 235mm) 110mm f5. Secondly in changing formats the function of a lens does change. 88 x 15. As you can see, many lenses allow you to shift enough to take two 5x4 photographs side by side (the equivalent to covering 10x8) and some allow you even The image circle is the cross section of the cone of light transmitted by a lens or series of lenses onto the image plane. 5 mm Diagonal) Sorted by Focal Length, Image Circle Michael K. Professional large-format photography distin-guished by creativity and technical perfection. 3mm Blackmagic Cinema Cam 8. This means that this ultra-wide lens gives 9 mm of movement even on 4 x 5" film! With a 120º angle of view to the front and of course 120º to the rear that leaves only 30º to the front left and front right in which to hide your hands and the camera! Image-circle diameter ¡66 mm Format 9x¡2 cm (adjusted) Super-Angulon 5. Schneider Optics Xenon-Emerald 43. 3″ (image circle 24 mm) Designed for 4 and 8 Mpix sensors with micro-lenses Schneider APO-Symmar 210mm f/5. Review Schneider Xenoplan Schneider C-Mount 2/3” (11mm image circle) Lenses New Schneider C-mount 2/3” (11mm image circle) lenses are designed for aerospace, military, and other high performance imaging. 5/90 (p/n: 25-1070213) Macro Lenses have an 90mm image circle and a magnification of 0. Lens Magnification Digitar lenses are available with much shorter focal length. The lenses are incredibly lightweight and compact with a matched front diameter of 95mm and are available in PL mount with /i Technology metadata contacts. 2mm Canon C500 13. 8“ (9 mm). Image circle: 235mm; filter size: 82mm; rear mount: 77mm; weight: 570g. 8 for Canon-mount, the 90mm f/4. Some super35 lenses cover, others don't. While view cameras take time to set up, the right view camera lenses with sufficient image circle for tilt and shift movements allow a degree of focus manipulation and perspective control unmatched by other formats. We won’t be looking at specialty lenses or anamorphic lenses. An average ‘Super 35mm’ lens has an image circle diameter of around 32-35mm, while an average ‘Super 16mm’ lens has an image circle diameter of around 15-18mm. There isn’t a given point in the zoom where the image circle decreases while zooming wide. The Schneider Optics Apo-Componon 4. Given the optical results, and general fiddliness of using the lenses, I’d give the 90mm a qualified recommendation – for those doing work that requires incredibly precise control of shift and depth of field, on subjects that aren’t too small, I’d The Schneider Optics 50mm f/2. 1 Mar 2017 Schneider PC TS - ultimate set up imho my images are primary created on the 24 -50mm range so the 28mm and 50mm on 33x44 are the most  19 Sep 2013 Tired of guessing which lenses will and won't cover a specific sensor? Stress no more, I've revised the Image Circle Database that so many of you have been Schneider Adds More Xenon Focal Lengths Ahead of Launch. 3 m to infinity, a 114° maximum angle of view, and is designed for image sensors in a 1. 81mm 18. The low distortion lenses with an image circle diameter of 43. Schneider Optics is the U. Mar 16, 2006 · Into the best resolution group fell the Schneider Xenar at f/6. Schneider Optics Cine-Xenar III lenses are specifically designed for digital cameras and have some unique features: PL mount for digital and 35mm film cameras; Canon EF mount available; 31. 0 and some visible chromatic aberrations. 6 mm image circle, for cameras with May 12, 2020 · What is an image circle? The image circle of a lens is the circular area in the image plane formed by the cone of light transmitted by the lens. 8/28 Lens 21-1071611 is a large format 28 mm focal length lens covering up to 43. Schneider Xenon FF lenses are color matched to a standard at the factory, minimizing color shift when changing lenses. This seems unnecessary as it would make every Z lens far more expensive and larger than they need to be in order to May 01, 2009 · They can be differentiated into circular image fisheye lenses or full format fisheye lenses. The Rodenstock APO Macro Sironar , Schneider Macro-Symmar HM and Nikon Macro Nikkor-AM (ED) lenses fall into this category. 15K likes. 5mm Filters, Compact 31mm Rear Barrel, f/5. The robust mechanical design with lockable iris and focus is resistant to vibrations and guaran-tees an extremely high and uniform image quality over the entire sensor. 6 (copal 1) age of Rodenstock lens? JML 209mm lens; Nikkor-W 240/5. Schneider 90mm Angulon f/6. Cameras Sensor Size Image Circle Arri Alexa 13. [mm. SL: indicates “Slightly Limited” (usable image circle reduced by a few mm). Many older lenses, like the Angulon, had no such mechanical limits. 3″ sensors. I have also tested some more 35mm-format ("full frame") lenses, all of which had good coverage: a Carl Zeiss 200mm f/2. Contact us for more info on these and availability. APO-Nikkor 300/9 #7361, cover 8x10, in front of Betax #4 shutter, Ex+ $275. Mar 18, 2014 · Vignetting is of course a non-issue for both lenses, given the size of the image circle. 6 / 28 mm XL, 90, 95/112*. detectable by a resolution drop from wide open to one or two stops down, and is more common with older lenses optimized for wider openings such as f/3. 6 lense or Schneider Apo symar 210/5. While small picture sizes are dominant in amateur and professional sport and reporting They have excellent sharpness and a generous image circle. Buy Schneider C-Mount 24mm Compact Lens featuring Supports 1. The larger the image circle the larger the picture size (film format) it can cover. circle lens. It's going to be agony waiting for the helicoid to arrive weeks after the lens! Thank you also for the other information. They have very similar build quality, size, weight, and image quality. This is optimistic to the point of being downright untrue. 6 Manual Iris V-Mount Lens, 106mm Image Circle (SCH 25-035142) It's excellent as a macro lens and makes a fabulous enlarger lens. 1/6 design is sufficiently robust to make it largely insensitive to harsh ambient conditions and therefore, ideal for use in an inustrial environment. It is broadband coated and corrected for uninterrupted imaging from 400-1000nm (Visible through Near IR spectrum). Schneider Optics 25-035142 V38 Line Scan Series Componon 100mm F5. 3x for the 12K Model and -0. schneider lenses image circle

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